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is dot-net package better than think gear connector for web?

Oct 29, 2014 at 1:32 PM
If all I want is to get a user attention measure for a period of time (live) and pass it to an application, what is the best approach?

Imagine the user is playing a game on the internet with other players in different countries.. While he does it, he has the headset on. Suppose the headset measures attention (it might be better if it measured some other things, but this is just an example).

I might want the stream of attention scores coming from the headset to somehow get uploaded to the website and displayed graphically to the other users.

There is a "think Gear Connector", and there is also a dot-net SDK (I am a dot-net programmer) but I don't know which to use, and even if I did, web-browsers make a point of not letting websites grab data off a user PC. I would have to write a program that interacts with the browser in some way, or with a web-service on the server (bypassing the browser).

So my questions are:
  1. What is a quick way to get up to speed, where I can program all this for users
  2. Once I have the data stream, how do I get it to a website?